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Butte Valley Ranch - PRICES

Hunting Trespass Fee Schedule            Reservation & Booking Policy
We work hard to provide our clients with an excellent and affordable hunting experience. Loyalty to our regular clients is always a high priority. Consequently, returning hunters often reserve many of our limited number of hunts. When planning your hunt with us making an early reservation is recommended. If we are unable to accommodate your reservation request, our policy is to maintain a waiting list and notify you of the next available hunt.

*Deer hunts may be reduced to protect the Trophy Quality of the herd.                                                                                        
Please Note: Regarding Doe Deer

Availability based on whether or not there are Bull Elk hunters or Buck Deer Hunters for the same season. Must be coordinated to follow those hunters.


OF HUNTERS (Book Early)

 Archery Deer First 2 Weeks $650  3
 Archery Deer Second 2 Weeks $650  3
 Muzzleloader Deer $650  3
 Rifle Buck Deer $1,200  5 each (season 2-4)
Rifle Doe Deer $350  5 each (season 2-4)
Rifle Bull Elk $1,100  5 each (season 2-4)
Rifle Cow Elk $600  5 each (season 2-4)
Combined Buck Deer & Bull Elk  $2,150 5 each (season 2-4)
Combined Buck Deer & Cow Elk  $1,650 5 each (season 2-4)
Combined Bull Elk & Cow Elk $1,550 5 each (season 2-4)


About Our Hunts

Butte Valley Ranch provides a unique combination of hunting for trophy resident Deer and Migrating Elk. The ranch has extensive wheat and alfalfa fields, year round stream and two spring fed ponds. It also has numerous small canyons that provide both excellent cover for the animals and good hunting opportunities...Read More

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